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Welsh Beef

Welsh Beef

Typically 20 to 30 months old, our meat is predominantly from Welsh Black, Hereford or Charolais cattle to give the flavour and conformity required for truly great tasting beef.

Our beef is allowed to hang and mature naturally for up to 21 days before being passed onto our master butchers who take great pride in carefully preparing the vast range of cuts that we provide.

Choose from some tender joints perfect as an alternative to the traditional turkey

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*NEW* Bavette Steak
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Brisket of Welsh Beef
From £7.20 to £19.25
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Rib Eye of Welsh Beef
From £24.75 to £98.95
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Sirloin Steaks
From £10.98 to £17.60
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*NEW* Beef Spare Ribs
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Diced Beef
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Rib of Welsh Beef
From £19.75 to £63.75
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Steak Lovers Bronze Selection
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*NEW* Bone-In Fillet Steaks
From £18.10 to £27.50
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Diced Steak and Kidney
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Ribeye Steaks
From £10.98 to £17.60
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Steak Lovers Gold Selection
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*NEW* Bone-In Welsh Sirloin Joint
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Fillet of Welsh Beef
From £24.75 to £86.65
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Rump of Welsh Beef
From £13.75 to £36.25
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Steak Lovers Silver Selection
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*NEW* Heart of Rump Roast
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Fillet Steaks
From £12.10 to £30.70
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Rump Steaks
From £8.80 to £13.20
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Steak Taster Selection
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Beef Burgers
From £4.40 to £6.60
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Fillet Stroganoff
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Shin of Welsh Beef
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T-Bone Steaks
From £16.50 to £21.98
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Beef Ox Tail
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Marinated Beef Kebabs
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Silverside of Welsh Beef
From £9.35 to £37.20
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Topside of Welsh Beef
From £10.95 to £47.50
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Braising Steak
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Marinated Sirloin Steaks
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Sirloin of Welsh Beef
From £24.75 to £65.95
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Welsh Steak Mince
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Beef Braising Joints
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Beef Roasting Joints
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