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Our bacon and gammon cuts are highly popular, firm favourites with both our online and storefront customers.

What really is the best bacon to buy? We use traditional and natural curing methods for all our bacon, to ensure a subtle flavour with just a hint of sweetness. All we do is lightly fork the meat, rub in some salt and a small amount of sugar and cure. We then leave the meat for 4 days at a constant temperature, turning it every day to ensure it is evenly cured.

We believe that the perfect gammon product should have a dry texture when cooked and taste sweet with a hint of salt. This enhances the flavour of the meat and never seeks to overpower it. A gammon joint is best cut into a ‘horseshoe’ as this removes the front and back ends, leaving just the ideal centre cut piece, which we can either expertly slice into steaks or joints that are just the perfect size for boiling or roasting.

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