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3 Reasons our deliver to door service is essential right now

Life is complicated at the moment.

As things change almost weekly for so many of us it can be hard to know what’s coming next. The way we shop for food is something that has adapted quickly though, and home delivery services have become the norm.


At Douglas Willis we’ve been delivering our farm fresh meat to doorsteps for over a decade so it’s nothing new for us. But we believe it’s the perfect way to easily buy exceptional meat.


We expertly deliver from field to table


As experienced field to table family butchers we’ve known the importance of high standards for years. Our reputation is built on it.

Every step of the way we take great care in how we rear, produce, and deliver our meat. It’s what earned us our award-winning butcher status.

From delicious dry-aged steaks to our famous Welsh Dragon sausages, whatever your meat choice, all orders are cut and prepared individually by an expert butcher and packed by hand so that they arrive to you in perfect condition ready to cook.


We make it easy


Food is good for the soul in these uncertain times but it’s also a necessity. Feeding you and your family is a priority and it needn’t be made more difficult.

Whether it’s because you can’t, or don’t want to visit the shops at the moment, you’re short of time because you’re juggling a new routine, or simply because the thought of queuing in the cold, wind and rain doesn’t appeal, a home delivery service is the perfect solution.

Ordering various meats at once for delivery can be a cost-effective way to cook too. You can save time, money and several trips to the shops by ordering larger quantities of everyday staples like Welsh beef mince, sausages or chicken breasts and batch cooking your family favourites. You’ll be glad of a simple, warming meal from the freezer in the weeks ahead.

Or, if you’re after restaurant quality meat for a special occasion, then you can order that special cut of Welsh lamb or a whole fillet of beef, ready to be delivered the next day (on orders placed before 9am).


It’s something to feel good about


We all have a part to play in looking after each other and this wonderful planet we call home. Doing your bit right now is more important than it’s ever been.

Ordering your meat directly from a Welsh farmer and butcher means that you’re supporting a whole supply chain of local businesses. You’ll be supporting our sustainable, ethical farming methods and helping to protect our farms in the beautiful Welsh countryside for generations to come.

Our home delivery service is a greener option too.

It means less traffic on the roads visiting shops, less packaging, as we skip the middleman and, as every piece of meat is cut to order, we’ll help to reduce food waste too.

There’s no pressure to sign up or commit to regular deliveries. Just order what you want, when you want it and so long as you order before 9am we’ll deliver it the very next day. If you’ve special requests or questions then just give us a call, we’ll be more than happy to help.

So, if it’s a batch cook bolognese or a Welsh lamb roast for the weekend, you can order online from Douglas Willis and get everything you’d expect from your local butcher; delivered to your front door.


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