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5 reasons Welsh Lamb is so good for you


Spring is in the air and if you’re after something delicious and nutritious as the warmer weather arrives then seasonal Welsh lamb is a perfect choice.

So why is welsh lamb so good for you?

Nutritional value of lamb – it’s packed with vitamins and minerals.
In terms of the health benefits of lamb, as a great source of vitamin B12 – that so many of us lack in our diets – a single portion of grass-fed lamb can provide half the required daily amount of B12 and essential B vitamins that are so important for brain development and our nervous systems.

Grass-fed lamb is also a great source of selenium and zinc, important minerals with antioxidant properties vital for boosting our immune systems and a key part of our bodies’ growth and development so a great choice for kids.

Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean.
High in the same monounsaturated fats found in extra virgin olive oil, as well as being a source of anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, lamb is commonplace in the Mediterranean diet. Think delicious Greek koftas, perfectly partnered with vegetables roasted in olive oil, soft lamb tagines with fragrant couscous, or simply roasted with fresh rosemary and lemon – dishes including these ‘good fats’ are repeatedly shown to help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

And as a source of protein, lamb provides a source of slow-burning, sustainable fuel for the body to help build, repair and maintain muscle.



An affordable choice.
Whilst Welsh leg of lamb is the picture-perfect choice for a spring roast, and soft pink French trimmed lamb cutlets are a regular choice for the best restaurants – there are plenty of other more affordable ways to enjoy lamb.

Lamb Shoulder is a great option for roasting. When cooked slowly this cut has plenty of connective tissue that breaks down to keep the meat moist and tender. And with a higher fat content comes more flavour too, especially when cooked on the bone.

Lamb neck fillet costs less than beef chuck but is equally as soft when cooked slowly. Moist and sweet in flavour, it’s ideal for stews, curries, tagines, and hotpots.



A great way to celebrate.
With springtime Mother’s Day and Easter celebrations just around the corner, Welsh lamb recipes are perfect for a special occasion. Try Welsh lamb cawl – a hearty stew that’s lighter than rich beef stews, cawl is the perfect one-pot dish for spring.

Or lamb curry – slow cook lamb neck fillet with onions, garlic, ginger, spices and a hint of coconut to make a deliciously authentic curry. Or try this slow-braised shoulder of lamb ragu – perfect to serve with pasta or gnocchi and a fresh green salad.

Get seasonally fresh lamb – delivered to your door.
The benefits of eating seasonally are well known – food in season tastes better, it’s better for our bodies as the nutritional content is higher, and it’s better for the planet too.

The spring rain here in the Usk Valley helps to grow deliciously fresh grass for our lambs to feed on – and you can taste the difference it makes. Those first new shoots of young grass are full of goodness that makes our lamb deliciously tender and nutritious.

And as you can order online for nationwide delivery it’s even easier to get deliciously fresh Welsh lamb onto your table this spring.





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