About Us

"As I say to the family, it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but only a moment to lose it."
Douglas Willis

As a family owned business we are devoted to producing excellent meat for our customers.

Our experience and knowledge of farming and butchery extends back three generations as does our reputation and we are committed to maintaining and extending the success we’ve worked tirelessly for.

Farming and butchery go hand in hand. Our priority is our livestock. Our animals are personally selected by myself to ensure it meets my strict guidelines and high standards.

We believe in quality of life for our livestock and that is why we care for them in excellent conditions where they are free to graze outdoors all year round.

"Our farm and surrounding farmers share our passion for producing fine meat. My vision has always been to build a reputation as the most respected meat producer around. In South Wales we think we are and our customers would agree. Now I want to share our success with the rest of the UK."

Douglas Willis - 2017



Douglas Willis founded the business in 1940 when he opened a butchers shop in Old Cwmbran. He recollects the first day he opened when his father said to him:

“Never compromise quality or service and you will always have customers”.


This stressed the importance of quality where fresh meat is concerned.

Douglas has carried this ethos through for nearly 70 years instilling it in his son David, and grandsons Sean, Peter and Greg. Due to his beliefs of how meat should be produced, Douglas Willis decided to raise livestock so that he would have the ability to produce meat from pasture to plate.

Douglas Willis’s long term goal has always been to provide high quality locally produced meat to a sustainable customer base ensuring loyalty and satisfaction from everyone he serves.