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Food for Coronation Bank Holiday

Celebrate the CORONATION Holiday weekend with Douglas Willis


Whether you’re planning a street party with friends, a picnic in the park, a family get together or a Big Lunch with the local community – the Coronation long weekend from the 6th to 8th May is a reason to celebrate in style.

And an ideal opportunity to enjoy some great food with our nearest and dearest.

Here are some of our favourite ideas to help you celebrate the occasion:

The perfect centrepiece – Coronation Chicken Pie

Coronation chicken, or Poulet Reine Elizabeth as it was originally called, was created and served at the Queen’s coronation in 1953. Invented by the Cordon Bleu cookery school it combines cold chicken with a creamy mild curry sauce and dried fruits – with inspiration perhaps taken from the Jubilee Chicken served at the Silver Jubilee of George V who was Emperor of India at the time.

Now a favourite sandwich filling it continues to celebrate the historical ties with Commonwealth countries.

This recipe is a take on the classic coronation chicken. Turning it into a pie that can be served hot or cold as part of your celebrations: https://www.douglaswillis.co.uk/recipe/coronation-chicken-pie/.


A street party menu to be proud of

Getting together for a street party? Impress the neighbours with these tasty treats:

Dragons Eggs – our Welsh take on the British classic. A delicious combination of Mature Welsh Cheddar encased in Welsh Beef, with flecks of leek and a hint of chilli.

Buttermilk chicken legs – marinate chicken legs and thighs in buttermilk, garlic, oil and spices then oven cook for soft, succulent meat that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Make homemade sausage rolls with our sausage meat or flavoured sausages and soft, flaky pastry.

Or try these recipes from The Big Lunch:

Welsh Beef steak goujons https://www.edenprojectcommunities.com/make-it-happen/crunchy-quinoa-welsh-beef-goujons.

Mini Welsh Lamb pizzas https://www.edenprojectcommunities.com/make-it-happen/mini-welsh-lamb-pizzas.


Your best BBQ yet.

One of the easiest ways to celebrate is with a BBQ hamper delivered straight to your door.

Spoil your family and friends with our deluxe hamper – easily enough to feed 15-20.

Enjoy spiced Welsh lamb cutlets, pork steaks in ginger lemon and chilli, Piri Piri and smoky kebabs, Welsh rump steak, garlic chicken fillets, chicken wings and of course BBQ favourites – our delicious juicy steak burgers and a selection of our best-selling sausages.

Why not try this recipe to add some Caribbean spice to your chicken wings?

All you need to do is light the BBQ, add some salad, sauces and a few drinks and enjoy.



Bring everyone together with food to share.

Platters of cold meats or one-pot flavour packed dishes make an ideal centre piece for your celebrations.

Try our horseshoe gammon joint, cooked with a sweet sticky glaze, and lean silverside beef sliced thinly for sandwiches or salads.

Or pork shoulder and chicken thighs for delicious slow cooked pulled pork or pulled chicken.

And if the weather isn’t too kind, why not opt for a big lunch inside – a classic roast dinner on a grand scale. Choose a Topside beef joint, Welsh Leg of Lamb, or Leg of Pork ask family, friends or neighbours to bring side dishes, vegetables and potatoes to make it a joint effort.


Top tips for Coronation party food.

  • For street parties and picnics choose finger food that’s easy to eat and serve. So you can spend more time chatting to neighbours and less time trying to gather emergency chairs!
  • Go for options that can be served cold as well as hot. Hot pie, quiche, chicken wings or ham leftovers can be chilled and then served cold later to avoid wastage.
  • Ask everyone to bring their own plates and cutlery to cut down on plastic usage… and then share the washing up.
  • Combine different types of food and flavours to celebrate the best of modern British culture – try different spices, herbs and ingredients to add Indian, Asian, African, European and Caribbean influences.

Let us know how you’re celebrating and follow us @douglaswillisltd on Instagram or @douglaswillisbutchers on Facebook and share your pictures of this unique occasion.


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