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How to kick start a healthier diet with Douglas Willis’ meat

As the New Year arrives it’s a time for new beginnings, new goals, and new regimes…And when it comes to eating, there’s a tendency to focus on cutting things out, eating less, and losing weight…It’s often a natural shift for our bodies to look for respite after the busy Christmas period. A rest after the indulgence of richer foods, alcohol, and sugar over the festive break.

So, you may well be heading into January with a renewed focus on healthy eating. Perhaps you’re looking at a new diet plan to build muscle or lose weight? Or maybe you’re tired of eating the same old meals and want to switch things up to boost nutrition for you and your family?

The good news is that when it comes to eating meat, you certainly don’t need to sacrifice taste to eat healthier. Here are some of our favourite ways to include meat as part of a healthy diet.

Healthy meat eating for the whole family
Feeding the brood can feel like a chore, especially trying to come up with new healthy recipes. But so many family favourites are already packed full of some of the most important nutrients for growing children.

Chicken is a family staple for a reason. Not only because of its moist, delicious flavour and the versatility to use in so many dishes. But it’s also full of Vitamin B12 that’s so important for brain development and essential amino acids for strong bones and muscles.

Try using the leftover nutrient-packed dark meat from a Roast Chicken in soups or pies to get even more of these vitamins and minerals into your diet.

Keep a balance
We all know the benefits of eating a balanced diet. And eating a variety of meats as part of this is equally as important, as each provides a natural source of different vitamins and minerals.

Pork is one of the best dietary sources of Zinc – vital for our immune systems to function properly – and its rich in B vitamins and high in protein too. Choose lower fat cuts such as Pork Tenderloin that are quick and simple to cook with plenty of vegetables in a stir fry or flavour packed goulash.

A choice of diets
Most traditional dieting methods focus on reducing the fat in your diet so opting for leaner meats here is key. Try simple switches like making bolognese or homemade burgers with turkey breast mince instead of beef mince.

However, the Ketogenic – or “Keto” – diet focuses on reducing your consumption of carbohydrates, lowering blood sugar, and instead of burning fat or protein for energy.

Therefore, meats that are high in fat are needed so you can still enjoy a Sirloin Steak, rich in marbled fats and full of iron. Or succulent Pork Belly with soft, melt in the mouth meat, and crisp crackling.

Eat less meat
Even as butchers we know the benefits of reducing the quantity of meat you eat and increasing plant consumption in your diet. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to try recipes that combine meat with pulses or vegetables to make it go further.

Good quality Lamb Mince is full of flavour, so try using less and combine it with lentils and chopped veg to make a deliciously healthier shepherd’s pie.

Everyday healthy eating
Careful planning will make the most of your ingredients meaning you’ll be less likely to overeat. And much less likely to reach for the takeaway app because everything in the fridge has gone out of date.

Always buy the best meat you can afford. Cheaper, mass-produced meat simply doesn’t taste as good, no matter how well it’s cooked. And part of enjoying a healthy balanced diet is savouring every mouthful of the food that you eat. And experiment with different methods of cooking. Pot roasting can help to keep more of the nutrients within the meal when you use the juices for gravy. And grilling rather than frying or roasting meat is a great way to reduce fat.

Whatever choices you make for healthier eating – the best ones are those you can sustain and those you enjoy. So, decide what’s best for you, and enjoy a healthy and happy start to 2022.


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