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Roast Chicken

One Chicken, Three Ways

We’re all looking for ways to reduce waste, eat more sustainably and save money.

According to Douglas Willis’s master butchers, the most cost-effective meat on the market is a whole chicken. Our Farm Assured Yorkshire chickens are lean, protein-packed and versatile, and with a bit of planning, a single whole chicken can feed a family of four for two days, while also making a tasty broth.

Roast Chicken Breast Dinner

The classic whole roast chicken

A favourite for Sunday lunch, with or without stuffing, simply season the bird before popping into the oven or air fryer to roast. Serve the breasts and legs with your favourite vegetables, crispy roast potatoes and lashings of gravy (made from the cooking juices of the chicken).

Roast Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

There will still be plenty of meat left on the bird. Once it’s cold, strip the carcass of all remaining meat – the wings, back and undercarriage, not forgetting the oysters. Add the meat to your favourite curry sauce and heat thoroughly until piping hot, serve with boiled rice and naan bread for an Indian-inspired feast.

Chicken Stock

Boil the remaining bone carcass with a handful of sliced carrots, chopped onions and celery, then simmer for approximately 45 minutes to make your broth. Remove the carcass and finally discard, before straining the liquid. You now have your broth and the perfect base for a tasty soup. What’s more, homemade chicken broth is rich in essential fatty acids and protein, that can help build and repair healthy muscle, bone, skin, and blood cells.

Making the most of every piece of meat we buy is just one of the ways we can help reduce waste, eat sustainably, and make our weekly budget stretch as far as possible.


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