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Welsh Lamb with Broad Beans, Turnip & Tarragon

Preparation time 20 minutes
Cooking time 12+ hours
Serves 4

We’ve got a treat for you with this recipe. Our Brand Ambassador, Michelin-starred chef James Sommerin brings you his take on Welsh Lamb, using meat supplied of course by Douglas Willis.

Keep your eyes out for future recipes from this leading Welsh Chef.


Tarragon mayonnaise
60g egg yolk
120g eggs whole
5g salt
20g English mustard
100g vinegar base (see recipe below)
6g gelatine, gold leaf
300g vegetable oil
50g olive oil
25g tarragon

Turnip purée
1kg turnips peeled
500g milk
100g cream
100g butter

Broad beans
120g fresh broad beans, outer skin removed
20g butter
1tsp chopped thyme
10ml water
1 clove garlic, chopped

Cumin sauce
200g lamb trimmings
2tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp smoked paprika
2 sprigs tarragon
1 onion, sliced
1 stick celery, sliced
200ml Madeira
1litre lamb stock
½ litre chicken stock
100ml lamb fat

400g Douglas Willis lamb loin
4 x 50g Douglas Willis lamb breasts
Sprig rosemary
200g rendered lamb fat

Vinegar base
400g shallots, roughly chopped
10g peppercorns
500g white wine vinegar
2 bunches tarragon, roughly chopped

Additional Ingredients
20g lamb fat, salt, olive oil, turnip, nasturtium leaves


Tarragon mayonnaise
Heat the tarragon base and add the gelatine and set aside. In a Thermomix, blend the eggs, egg yolk, mustard, and tarragon together. Gradually add the base/gelatine mixture while hot. Pour the oils in slowly, add remaining tarragon, forming the mayonnaise.

Turnip purée
Thinly slice the turnips in a pan. Add the milk, cream, and butter. Bring to the boil and cook turnip until soft. Strain and blend in a Thermomix with the temperature setting at 90°c. Add liquid to get required texture. Cook for longer to get a smoother consistency.

Broad beans
Emulsify the butter and water together. Add the thyme and garlic. Warm the broad beans through at the last minute.

Cumin sauce
In a pan, heat the lamb fat and add the trimmings, onion, and seeds. Cook for 2 minutes for colouration. Add the celery, paprika and tarragon. Deglaze with Madeira. Reduce to ¾. Add the stocks and reduce. Pass through a fine sieve.

Place lamb breast in a vac pack bag with 200g of rendered lamb fat and a sprig of rosemary. Cook at 80°c for 12 hours on steam setting. Remove the lamb once cooked and press under a weight before cooling.

Vinegar base
Bring all ingredients to the boil in a pan. Take off the heat and allow to cool. Transfer to vac pack bags and seal. Place in a fridge to infuse for 24 hours before using.

Assembling the Dish
Pan fry the loin of lamb in 20g lamb fat. Add the breast and caramelise evenly. Place the turnip purée on a plate and build the meat and broad beans on top. Thinly slice some raw turnip and season with salt and a little olive oil. Place the turnip slices on top and finish with nasturtium leaves, tarragon mayonnaise and cumin sauce.

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