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Slow Sundays – The best meats to cook and savour slowly this Autumn



Slow Sundays are an opportunity to try recipes that you wouldn’t otherwise have time for. And while dinner cooks away you can do…well not much at all…and that’s the whole idea. A long walk, a board game, a favourite film, or sit and read the papers.

All while the magic happens in your oven or slow cooker.

Here are 6 of our slow Sunday favourites…


Chicken Thighs

These juicy, flavoursome cuts – so often overlooked – come into their own when slow-cooked. Cook them with the bone in to add a deep chicken flavour. And leaving the skin on helps keep in moisture and flavour too. Crisp up in a hot pan before cooking and then sit on top of a sweet, mustardy sauce. Like this recipe Slow cooker chicken thighs recipe | BBC Good Food.

Or cook whole in a hearty Spanish style stew perfect for mopping up with a slice of crusty bread.

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Braising Steak

Unlike the quick cooking times of a rump or sirloin steak, braising steak is one of the best cuts of steak for slow cooking. Cuts are from hardworking muscles of beef that would be far too tough for pan-frying. Instead, well-marbled cuts of chuck or skirt break down beautifully when cooked for three or four hours in the slow cooker.

Either use in chunks for a rich beef bourguignon with dumplings. Or cook as whole steak pieces in a delicious gravy, like in this recipe Braised steak recipe – BBC Food, with a heavenly serving of creamy mashed potato.

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Pork Belly


When slow-cooked, this cut of pork creates the most wonderful melt-in-the-mouth meat. Its high-fat content adds an amazing flavour. And it’s not just for trying at your favourite restaurant, as it’s easy to cook at home.

Roast slowly in the oven for moist pull apart meat with crispy crackling. Try this three-hour recipe https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/three-hour-pork-belly.

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Lamb Shoulder


One of the best cuts of lamb – in our opinion – and an impressive dish if you’ve got friends or family over. Simple seasoning, herbs, and garlic are all that’s needed before a slow roast breaks down this muscular cut into unbelievably soft, tender meat.

Cook it with the bone in…and the longer you leave it the better. So, it doesn’t matter if you nod off on the sofa while it’s cooking.

And this all-in-one recipe Tom Kerridge’s slow-cooked lamb shoulder recipe – BBC Food means you’ll only need to add a few simple greens to serve up.

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Beef Brisket Joint


If you like your beef well-done but silky-soft, then try pot-roasting beef brisket for your next Sunday roast. The brisket comes from the lower chest, so it’s worked hard. That means there’s lots of muscle fibres to break down during cooking. It’s the collagen between these fibres that turns to gelatine during cooking making the meat more succulent and in turn making it one of the best beef cuts for slow cooking.

Another wonderful way to enjoy this cut is to rub with spices to add different flavours and cook slowly in a low oven for US BBQ-style softly roasted meat.

Like this recipe Texas barbecue brisket recipe | BBC Good Food.

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Saving the best til last. Oxtail is made for slow Sunday cooking. These tail cuts with a 50/50 mix of bone and meat deliver the most incredible flavours and nutrient-packed beefy deliciousness.

Ask our butchers to cut into large chunks and once cooked, the meat falls off the bone leaving all the delicious flavour behind.

When cooked for over five hours the meat makes an intensely flavoured stew, ragù, or soup. Try this recipe that combines all three Oxtail stew recipe | Jamie Oliver soup and stew recipes.

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So why not enjoy a slow Sunday this weekend and take the pressure off?
Slow cooking is good for the soul.




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